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About Us

World’s First Group-Buying Platform for Independent Businesses!


What is Direct Co-ops?

We all have childhood memories of parents, teachers and others encouraging us to work together. A co-op is what “working together” looks like all grown up.


Direct Co-ops is a company based out of Toronto, Ontario in Canada, that started as a community initiative to stop a ‘Big Box’ store from opening in the Toronto landmark neighborhood of Kensington Market and quickly spread into many more independent business communities in North America. Today, we are the exclusive buying group for the largest associations and independent business groups in North America, representing 9 million businesses in the USA and Canada, joined by cooperatives, non-profit organizations, government institutions on all levels, dedicated to helping small businesses flourish.


Since the 1970’s, the middle class in North America has shrunk dramatically, devastating both our communities and national economies. Giant, powerful corporations called “Big Box” stores, have been able to establish themselves by wiping small business communities, mom and pop shops previously owned by families for many generations. Online competition driving better prices through much greater buying power, has resulted in small businesses having to pay a price 2 or even 3 times higher, than what a powerful online retailer would.


Today, small businesses cannot compete with big chains, alone. They need the cooperation of other businesses:


How can we save our communities? – By coming together. Joint purchasing what we need and what we sell. Empowering you, by leveraging buying power to the smallest of us: All for one and one for all.


The Direct Initiative

The Direct Initiative brings small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) together, by forming buying groups to negotiate better prices with the manufacturers or the service providers, in order to enjoy the same buying power as the big chains do. Through our Voting Platform, businesses can join buying groups to reduce the prices they typically pay for their products, by up to 50% (or more):


  1. Businesses join buying groups by voting on the products they need (no minimum order requirement)
  2. As soon 1000 votes have been obtained on any givenproduct, we contact the manufacturers (or suppliers) and negotiate better prices for our group.
  3. Once the offers have been received, we contact the buying group members to confirm and process their orders at the agreed upon group volume prices.
  4. The order is placed and shipped to a UPS Store or our distribution centre, closest to the location of the buyer. It can be delivered directly to your door, or picked up locally at no additional cost.


How much can you save?

Let’s use this simple LED light bulbs example. Today, at any of the hardware stores, energy efficient light bulbs cost approximately $9 per unit. By just 1000 of us coming together as a buying group, we will reduce the price by over 75%. Imagine all products are made cheaper by us coming together. Now, let’s apply the same way of cooperation to all the products that you need to run your business down to products you retail to your customers.


How else can you benefit from being a member of Direct Co-ops?
We have negotiated better than market deals on the most common services that most businesses use, such as utilities (electricity & gas, phone & internet, payment processing, etc.), mortgages, small business loans and much, much more. Visit our services page for more information.

We have also partnered up with industry leading national vendors in USA and Canada to help independent businesses save time and money on the products and services they use every day. Each vendor is carefully selected and rigorously negotiated, for unmatched value and substantial savings (see offers for USA and Canada).

Our online store offers items in various categories, including coffee, organic foods, electronics, restaurant and kitchen supplies, home improvement and more, available at special bulk prices exclusively for our members.


How do you become a member? 

Becoming a member of Direct Co-ops is FREE and anyone can join as long as they have a registered business. Click here to proceed to the registration page. Once finished, one of our business consultants will contact you to confirm your membership and go over the specific programs available to your business.


We Are Global

Direct Co-ops has global presence and we are currently in over 15 countries around the world, including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, UAE, Panama, Brazil and others. Each country or major city is represented by its local area code, for example:

416Direct.ca in Toronto 514Direct.ca in Montreal 212Direct.com in New York 971Direct.ae in Dubai 33Direct.fr in Paris 61Direct.au in Sydney etc.


Interested in offering your products to other businesses through our platform?

Suppliers/manufacturers are welcome to join a large pool of companies and cooperatives that currently supply to our members. If you would like to become a supplier of Direct Co-ops, please write to us to request special access to our platform as a Direct Merchant.



Our Guarantee: By joining Direct Co-ops, you, as a business owner, will become part of the largest buying group allowing you to increase your buying power, reduce your operating expenses and become competitive with the big chains.




“We Are Stronger When Together”