Our Values

Our Values

Direct Co-ops – Building the Economy of the Future

--  Jasmin Ganie-Hobbs, Business Development Bank of Canada at the International Economic Forum (Toronto, September 12, 2016)

Although Direct Co-ops is a privately owned company, we hold ourselves to the same important standards as do cooperatives. It is our goal to not only allow our members access to the same opportunities as big corporations have, but also to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs and provide them with the best tools for them to succeed. Here are our core principles:

Direct Coops

Open Membership

We are an open membership based platform, open to most types of businesses from small to large (all memberships are approved manually and assigned to the closest service representative to their area – member relationships are managed by real people!).


Each member, every business small or large, votes as one. The buying power of many businesses, in and outside of a community, is shared among the group members: each business gets the same price, not matter if it buys a single unit, or a thousand.


Cooperation, or competition? or both…? Group buying power drives prices down. That long time arch-nemesis across the street, selling the same products as you? He/She is also a part of your buying group, helping you cut down your buying costs, so you can focus on growing your business. That’s what we call, a healthy competition!

Social Responsibility

Our leading principle is giving back to the community by helping those less fortunate than others, to opportunities that would allow them to help themselves achieve a solid economic foundation. We work with top leaders, business professionals, private and government institutions, charity and non-profit organizations to help our communities prosper through cooperation among their members.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Great things can happen when entrepreneurs or companies join forces to create new products or technologies. However, great projects can fail due to reasons such as lack of funding, poor branding, or lack of experience. The road to success is different for everyone and we’re here to connect you with what your business needs to thrive.


Careful consideration is given to every product prior to authorizing it for online purchasing, taking into account both aspects of social and ecological sustainability. We believe in renewable energy and organic, sustainable farming as the way of the future and support initiatives that allow all members of our communities easier access to associated programs.