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GoldSeal Pink Salmon No Salt Added - 24x213g (24 cases minimum)

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  • GoldSeal Pink Salmon No Salt Added - 24x213g (24 cases minimum)
GoldSeal Pink Salmon No Salt Added - 24x213g (24 cases minimum)

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GoldSeal Pink Salmon No Salt Added - 24x213g (24 cases minimum)


  • NO SALT ADDED PINK SALMON - Pink salmon has a lighter color and milder flavor than other salmon. Our no salt added pink salmon is packed from fresh salmon fillets, with no skin or bones, which is a good choice for people who enjoy a milder taste. Our no salt added pink salmon lets you decide how much salt to add to your salmon, if any, which is perfect for a low-sodium diet.
  • HEALTHY EATING - Not only is our no salt added pink salmon delicious, it’s also nutritious. A great source of vitamin D, low in sodium, saturated fats, free of Trans fat, a good source of protein, and a natural source of omega 3 polyunsaturates. That means Gold Seal Canned Salmon is very good for your eyes, heart and brain. Full of vitamin D, a 100 gram serving provides you with 240% of your daily requirements. Our No Salt added variant is perfect for a low sodium diet.
  • CANNED FRESH, COOKED ONCE – Gold Seal Pink Salmon is caught in the cold clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, Canned fresh and cooked just once to retain all the nutrients. Hand packed as whole piece of fish with skin and bones that provide a good source of calcium. With so many ways to enjoy canned salmon, one of the most versatile types of canned fish, incorporating it into your diet on a regular basis makes good sense.
  • FULL OF GOOD - Our canned salmon is all wild salmon harvested from MSC certified Alaskan fisheries. Its distinct flavor and delicious taste, in combination with its well know health benefits, make it a natural choice for your pantry.. To help you incorporate our healthy canned seafood into your diet, we have created many easy to prepare, flavourful and healthy recipes for you to explore. Gold Seal’s No Salt Added Pink Salmon makes a smart addition to your healthy lifestyle.

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