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Headwear - Black & Gold - 6-panel by Gora47

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  • Headwear - Black & Gold - 6-panel by Gora47
Headwear - Black & Gold - 6-panel by Gora47

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Global capitalism has done a very affective job of destroying culture. There is now an in ability to hear the voices of the past but our G47 community are certainly awoke. We honor the great people of the past & wearing our hats with the brim facing forward is the most classic way to wear this headwear while repping that hunger of emigrant’s for success worldwide.
Girls prefer to wear the classic look in a ponytail or a braid. This style helps achieve a cute, sporty look that complements your outfit. For a guy with long hair, your hair can be worn down or pulled back into a ponytail or a bun.Clothes that complement this look for both sexes are t-shirts, sports polos, or outfits that look casual.

These hats once were a hip-hop or urban look now these hats are strongly associated with the EDM scene. The wearer portrays confidence and attitude with other revelers. Our styling advice is throwing on a pair of jeans, tshirt, sunglasses and a light short jacket. The look you want to achieve here is cool, casual, but still fashionable. Generally a very flat-brimmed hat (check post photos) helps you achieve the best of these urban looks. Ignore Italian designer Mr. Gucci and an eye-watering $870 for a pair of dirty-looking trainers which come in a range of stained colours with scuff marks. We recommend to finish your look with some clean sparkly white tennis shoes.



Gorta 47 is black and gold with this new embossed custom Gorta47 hat.

Our 6-panel structure with sewn-finish eyelets to promote breathability at the crown during hot summer days.

A classy fitted hat is a carefully crafted that fits most / uni-sex.



  • Front; our distinctive logo is raised against the high profile background above the flat brim.
  • Right side; signature gaelic football stamp as our athletic brand is inspired by those magnificent gaels and the athletic prowess of Irish culture & her unique sports.
  • Left side; two nations that gave birth to Gorta47 in a powerful seductive rich metallic gold carved into both flags.
  • Back; our designer signed off with the brands signature.

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