Ocean's Italian Tuna Salad - 12x170g (24 cases minimum)

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  • Ocean's Italian Tuna Salad - 12x170g (24 cases minimum)
Ocean's Italian Tuna Salad - 12x170g (24 cases minimum)

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Ocean's Italian Tuna Salad - 12x170g (24 cases minimum)


  • ZESTY TASTES - Ocean’s Italian Tuna Salad is a medley of Free Swimming Caught skipjack tuna, pasta shells, and vegetables with a zesty Italian dressing. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed with this delicious blend of flavors.
  • READY TO EAT - Our ready to eat tuna salads offer you the flexibility to eat it deli style, or to incorporate into an inspired meal. Healthy, with exceptional blends of protein, vegetables, and natural flavors, our Spanish Tuna Salad is sure to satisfy.
  • HEALTHY EATING - Ocean's Italian Tuna Salad is a healthy option for eating on the go. Our Italian Tuna Salad is also low in saturated fat with zero Trans fat while being a good source of protein and Vitamin A.
  • OCEAN FRIENDLY TUNA - We source tuna from fisheries within regions which can maintain sustainable numbers while protecting marine reserves. We work closely to provide the safest canned tuna alongside local governments, fishery management organizations and international tuna fleets to ensure all members are working together on policy issues.
  • COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY - We at Ocean Brands have a dual obligation to protect our environment for future generations and ensure resources from our oceans are harvested both responsibly and sustainably. We strive to be good stewards of our oceans so that fish stocks continue to thrive and remain resilient to our fishing pressures. Responsible fishing practices for sustainable fish are the key pillars of our commitment.
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