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Organic Ethiopia Sidama

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  • Organic Ethiopia Sidama
Organic Ethiopia Sidama

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Organic Ethiopia Sidama


This country's Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union harvests the best quality Fair Trade and organic certified coffee that we have yet to discover. We are pleased to support this organization that is producing both world-class coffee and dramatic social change. The Oromia co-operative is celebrated around the globe as a model of successful sustainable coffee farming. It was recently featured in the highly acclaimed 2006 documentary Black Gold. This is the story of Tadesse Meskela, manager of the Oromia co-operative, and his mission to save 74,000 struggling coffee farmers from bankruptcy. For more information, please visit blackgoldmovie.com. Revenues generated by the Oromia co-operative are used to ensure food security for its members and to purchase and repair processing equipment. Oromia members are dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and social justice in their communities. Women hold prominent positions throughout the organization and all of Oromia's award-winning coffee are produced according to the principles of organic farming. We roasted Ethiopia Oromia to a light color to develop its pleasant sweetness and blueberry notes.

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