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Organic Heirloom Wheat Bran

Organic Heirloom Wheat Bran

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Organic Heirloom Wheat Bran


ORGANIC HEIRLOOM WHEAT BRAN (Treasure Life Farms) Ingredients: purewheat bran from heirloom Marquis, 1907 (hard red) & Pitic (soft wheat) flours Certified organic Origin: Canada Production: wheat bran is the outer layer of wheat kernels. This bran has been derived from heirloom grains, some of which have not been grown for over 100 years until Ben and Claudia at Treasure Life Farms decided to follow their commitment to biodiversity and sustainability. On their certified organic farm, they cultivate this crop in rich alluvial soil in a “rotation and fallow” method, carefully rotating seed beds, ensuring sufficient nutrient buildup through cover cropping. These ancient grains are allowed to ripen at their own pace and are harvested, cleaned, and stored in wooden granaries on their farm - all contributing to superior taste and nutritional value. Their flours are milled fresh in small batches on a centrifugal mill which pulverizes the grains so finely that it requires no sifting and without any temperature increase, preserving optimal nutrient density of the flour. This bran is then mechanically sifted out in the production of their pastry flour. Qualities: wheat bran is an excellent source of dietary fiber. It regulates the digestive system, helps pass toxins out of the body, absorbs fat and cholesterol, and helps you feel satisfied faster and longer. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients as well. Common use: Sprinkle on hot & cold cereals or add to smoothies, salads, soups, casseroles, etc. You can also substitute some of the flour in breads, muffins, and cookies to increase vital fiber intake in your diet. Storage: keeps well in a sealed container in a cool, dry, and dark location

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