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Premium 10 Class Pass (Valid 3 Months)

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  • Premium 10 Class Pass (Valid 3 Months)
Premium 10 Class Pass (Valid 3 Months)

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Premium 10 Class Pass (Valid 3 Months)



Muay Thai beginner classes are for students who are new to the sport and are looking to learn the foundations of Muay Thai Boxing. Classes introduce the stance, walk, and 4 weapons including the punch, kick, knee, elbow.

Beginner classes are 1.5 hrs long. The first 45 minutes of prepares the body for Muay Thai through a series of strength and conditioning exercises. The second 45 minutes is dedicated to learning the foundations of Muay Thai through shadow boxing, pad-work, and partner drills.​

The first level of Muay Thai training at Krudar is the White Level. All beginner and first time students begin in the White Level. After approximately 3 months of consistent training (3x/week or 36 classes), students are invited to participate in yellow shorts testing. Upon successful completion they will move on to the second level, the yellow level.​

Class Requirements:

  • Hand Wraps
  • Muay Thai Uniform (White or Yellow Shorts & Black Krudar T-Shirt)
  • Bag Gloves ( Also available for rent)

​Running is also recommended before / after class to improve cardio.

Read more about starting out and our uniform policy here.

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