1. Vote: Tell us which product(s) you would like to buy as part of a buying group and save up to 50% on.
  2. Once a product reaches 1000 votes, we will notify each of the buying group members of the best available price for the group.
  3. We process the order with all the buying group members (payment can be made via certified check, credit/debit card, wire or email transfer).
  4. Same Day Shipping: Your order will be available for pickup or delivered to you as early as the same day, depending on product availability from your local small business partner.
  5. Same Price Guarantee: You will always pay the same best possible price as the rest of your buying group members, no matter the size of your order.


Product Name Votes Action
Motor Oil (Brand Name) 32/1,000 Vote
Motor Oil (Generic) 9/1,000 Vote
Winshield Washer (Brand Name) 9/1,000 Vote
Winshield Washer (Generic) 4/1,000 Vote
Air Filter (Brand Name) 7/1,000 Vote
Air Filter (Generic) 2/1,000 Vote
Brake Fluid (Brand Name) 3/1,000 Vote
Brake Fluid (Generic) 1/1,000 Vote
Brake Pads (Brand Name) 5/1,000 Vote
Brake Pads (Generic) 10/1,000 Vote
Snow Tires (Brand Name) 1/1,000 Vote
Snow Tires (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote
All-Season Tires (Brand Name) 4/1,000 Vote
All-Season Tires (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote

Business & Office Supplies

Product Name Votes Action
LED Bulbs (Brand Name) 3/1,000 Vote
LED Bulbs (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote
Printer Ink (New) 2/1,000 Vote
Printer Ink (Refill) 0/1,000 Vote
Printer Paper (Regular) 1/1,000 Vote
Printer Paper (High Quality) 1/1,000 Vote
Cleaning Supplies (Brand Name) 2/1,000 Vote
Cleaning Supplies (Generic) 1/1,000 Vote
Toilet Paper (Brand Name) 2/1,000 Vote
Toilet Paper (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote
Paper Towels (Brand Name) 2/1,000 Vote
Paper Towels (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote
Laser Toner (New) 0/1,000 Vote
Laser Toner (Refill) 0/1,000 Vote
Hand Sanitizer 2/1,000 Vote
Masks (3M N95) 1/1,000 Vote

Coffee & Tea

Product Name Votes Action
Coffee (Brand Name) 6/1,000 Vote
Coffee (Generic) 1/1,000 Vote
Tea (Brand Name) 3/1,000 Vote
Tea (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote
Coffee Filters (Brand Name) 0/1,000 Vote
Coffee Filters (Generic) 1/1,000 Vote
Green Tea Powder (Organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Green Tea Powder (Non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote

Covid-19 Emergency Supplies

Product Name Votes Action
3M N95 Respirator Masks 15/1,000 Vote
Disposable Level 1 Surgical Masks 9/1,000 Vote
Covid-19 Test Kits 9/1,000 Vote
Nitrile Gloves 7/1,000 Vote
Protective Suits 5/1,000 Vote
Protective Goggles 6/1,000 Vote
N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Masks 7/1,000 Vote
Hand Sanitizer 1/1,000 Vote
Disposable Level 2 Surgical Masks 1/1,000 Vote
Disposable Level 3 Surgical Masks 1/1,000 Vote

Food & Restaurant Supplies

Product Name Votes Action
Flour (Organic) 6/1,000 Vote
Flour (Non-organic) 2/1,000 Vote
Rice (Organic) 3/1,000 Vote
Rice (Non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Pasta (Organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Pasta (Non-organic) 1/1,000 Vote
Sugar (Organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Sugar (Non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Bottled Water (Brand Name) 3/1,000 Vote
Bottled Water (Generic) 0/1,000 Vote
Organic Coconut Flakes 1/1,000 Vote
Turmeric Powder (Organic) 1/1,000 Vote
Turmeric Powder (Non-organic) 1/1,000 Vote
Cacao Powder (Organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Cacao Powder (Non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Chickpea Flour (Organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Chickpea Flour (Non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Compostable/biodegradable foodservice products (straws, cups, containers, cutlery, etc.) 3/1,000 Vote
Chicken (Organic) 1/1,000 Vote
Chicken (non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Beef (Organic) 1/1,000 Vote
Beef (non-organic) 0/1,000 Vote
Pork (Organic) 1/1,000 Vote
Pork (non-organic) 1/1,000 Vote

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