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Clearing & Foreign Currency

Clearing and Foreign Currency Payments

Your Preferred International Payments Provider


EBC delivers international payment solutions maximizing the value of each payment and creating efficient international payment processing. With EBC, organizations find a cost-effective solution backed by industry best practices and advanced technology that keep businesses running smoothly. Utilize EBC as your international payment provider and your organization can be confident its global obligations will be met without draining time or resources.


EBC provides knowledgeable assistance from end-to-end and is able to help organizations large and small build an advantageous international payment plan. Contact a dedicated trader today for a one-on-one business analysis customized for your corporation’s payment needs.

Variety of Payment Options

  • International Wire Transfers
  • Global EFT
  • Foreign Cheque Clearing
  • Foreign Bank Draft Issuance


EBC’s Business Analysis Reveals

Industry Best Practices

  • Dual Invoicing: Pay local funds eliminating buffers vendors add for rate fluctuation
  • Flexible Payments: Create a payment policy reducing costs and resources
  • Account Analysis: Uncover fees and mark ups being applied to your current payments
  • Liquidity Provider: Seamlessly transfer between accounts with lower rates and fees


Unparalleled Customer Services

  • Dedicated Traders: One-on-one account management including detailed market updates
  • Collaborative Approach: Custom built for each business to enhance the payment process


Advanced Payments System – EBCFX

  • Bulk Payment: Processing Simplify processes with file uploads and systems integrations
  • Beneficiary Bank Validations” Minimize returns and ensure payments arrive on time


Contact a dedicated trader for a business analysis or application for services with Exchange Bank of Canada.


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