Almond without shell (light cream color) - Bulk (25 kg)

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  • Almond without shell (light cream color) - Bulk (25 kg)
Almond without shell (light cream color) - Bulk (25 kg)

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Almond without shell (light cream color) - Bulk (25 kg)


These slightly sweet and tasty nuts grow both wild and are naturally cultivated in the Samangan, Balkh, and Baghlan Provinces of northern Afghanistan. The light brown nut of the almond is contained within a soft shell, easy to open without a nut-cracker.  They contain the most nutrients of any nut.
  • The skin of the nut contains chemicals that boosts the immune response to viruses including Herpes Simplex II
  • The skin of the cream-coloured nut is easier to digest than almonds with darker skins
  • They contain phytochemicals that raise HDL and lower LDL as much as 10% by eating only a handful a day
  • Almonds are heart healthy and help to regulate BP
  • They are a good source of many nutrients which help in the development of the brain
  • They are also a rich source of Vitamin E, phosphorous, iron, mono-saturated fat, potassium and magnesium as well as a good source of folic acid, zinc, selenium, copper and niacin.
Almonds are also known as brain and bone food, probably due to their high calcium content.  They have been considered an essential food item for growing children. Although almonds are high in fat and calories, eating them in moderation can actually help with weight loss. Almonds help reduce C-reactive protein which causes artery-damaging inflammation. They help to reduce the level of homocystein, which causes fatty plaque build up in arteries.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, almonds are considered anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, an emollient and are also used as a tonic. Since almonds are high in protein, around 18 percent/100g, and contain virtually no carbohydrates, they are ideal for diabetics, pre-diabetics or anyone with blood sugar issues.

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