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Wild Pistachio (without shell) - Bulk (15 kg)

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  • Wild Pistachio (without shell) - Bulk (15 kg)
Wild Pistachio (without shell) - Bulk (15 kg)

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Wild Pistachio (without shell) - Bulk (15 kg)


These delicious nuts grow wild in the Pamir Mountain Ranges of the Himalayan Mountains in north-eastern Afghanistan, mainly in Badghis and Herat Provinces. The kernels of the wild pistachio nut have a brown seed coat which contains antioxidants that protect the oil-rich green seed from atmospheric oxygen thereby preventing it from becoming rancid (oxidative rancidity).
  • They have brilliant green kernels, fresh and crunchy
  • They are rich in unsaturated fat and fatty acids
  • They contain powerful antioxidants usually found in brightly coloured fruits and leafy green vegetables
  • They are rich in arginine making them heart healthy
  • They are an excellent source of vitamin B6, copper, manganese and magnesium as well as a good source of thiamine, phosphorus and potassium
Of all the snacking nuts, pistachios are the highest in phytosterols and a powerful source of fiber, reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the diet. Research has shown that moderate amounts of mono-unsaturated fat like that found in pistachio nuts are more effective in preventing heart disease than reducing overall fat. These delicious nuts are rich in nutrients that reduce hardening of the arteries. Nut consumption in general lowers the body mass index so in moderate amounts, it satiates without weight gain. Because Afghani pistachios are wild, they are smaller and darker green.

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