Yellow Mustard Seed - 25 lb

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  • Yellow Mustard Seed - 25 lb
Yellow Mustard Seed - 25 lb

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Yellow Mustard Seed - 25 lb


Mustard seeds are often used as part of spice rubs for roasting meat, pickling spice mixes, and are often added to fruit dishes to bring out a savory, exotic flavor, such as in chutneys. The seeds are naturally bitter, but toasting them cuts the bitterness and brings out their pungent, complexity. Yellow mustard seeds are milder than their brown siblings.
  • Farmer-owned, fair trade, organic = fairDeal
  • Non-GMO
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Whole food
  • North American Grown: Every package is traceable back to the grower

Cooking Instructions

Mustard seeds are common in pickling and meat-rub spice mixes and you can find hundreds of recipes for these mixes online. When used in recipes, always heat the mustard seeds in hot oil first in order to cut the bitterness release their true flavor. Make sure the oil is hot – they should crackle and sputter upon hitting the oil. Let them cook for just a couple minutes, then continue adding ingredients for your dish. Try starting a favorite recipe off by frying some mustard seeds and see how the flavor changes. This is also a secret to deliciously complex Boston baked beans.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark location for up to one year.

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